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001CC Audio- 1st Episode of Conscious Communication


Welcome to the introduction episode of Me Speaking. This is Leila. I’m your host, giving you a series of communication tips that I’ve learned ALWAYS work.

My tips come from years of self improvement and dedicated interest in this topic. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that we use more than words when communicating consciously. 

We all know how to talk and listen… don’t we?

In today’s episode we’ll discover what that actually means. What’s the point? Aren’t we always conscious when we’re talking? I’ve learned that that’s not always the case.

When we’re aware of how and what we might be communicating to our listener we can help achieve a desired outcome in that conversation.

That doesn’t mean that we can try and control what the listener might respond, it just means that we can be better aware of the outcome and the experience. It’s a way to understand and be understood on a much higher level.

So how do we do that? Well…Let’s start by focusing on what we can be conscious about. What is it that affects the listener in a conversation? Definitely- your choice of language, your words even your sentence structure.

But that’s not it- the tone of your voice, the speed at which you speak, even the rhythm you choose can all help direct the perception of what you’re communicating. What about body language?

It seems like a lot to be conscious about all at once, doesn’t it? Well, I think that’s OK.

It might not be spontaneaous at first but as we learn to pay attention to ourselves, we also learn to pay attention to others.

In the next episodes of me speaking-conscious communication we’ll discover cool and enlighting techniques and tips that can lead us all in the right direction.

Thanks for listening and feel free to check out episodes and articles from the other sections of Me Speaking.

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