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Self awareness is one of the most important tools we can use when it comes to communicating in a conscious way.

The main goal with conscious communication is to assure there is enough flow of information between you and the other person (or people).

Picture yourself speaking in front of a public audience about a very difficult subject. In order to make the conversation flow clear for your audience, you’ll need quite a bit of insight about the topic you’re discussing in your speech. It’s obvious that you’ll take some time before hand to ensure you have all of the information you need.

Speaking in any other setting should be no different. For example, when you speak to your family members about what you’d like to eat for dinner, you share your insight about your wants and needs.

In order to be able to share that insight, you’ll need to be aware of what exactly it is that you want, think, feel or need. Right?

Well… That is INSIGHT.

A person who can communicate consciously will often give themselves enough time to “gain insight” from themselves before speaking. This can sometimes take a few seconds. More, when it comes to “heavier” talking points. like life changing events or big decisions.

This brings us back to the concept of- Talk about yourself. Ask about the other.

Finding insight within yourself can often prevent the speaker from talking about the other, allowing for better information flow.

Rather than: “You are making me angry”, it becomes almost natural to be more direct and say ” I feel angry when you leave a mess”.

What happened in that second sentence?

The speaker had insight… and with that insight they were able to provide more information about how they felt and what made them feel that way.

They achieved adequate information flow, allowing the listener to understand the speakers feelings and what caused them. In this way the listener has a better chance of addressing the issue because the speaker was clear and direct.

Focusing on the most valuable information we can add to a conversation is imperative when communicating consciously.

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